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June 25, 2008

Some photos from Beijing trip:

Astronomical observatory. This place didn’t change much. Even the frog dustbins were still there.

798 Art District. I like this painting a lot! Superman saves the day in a 山水画!

Forbidden City

Tiananmen Square

Nice grass = happy JingYing

Here’s the Petronas Towers in KL, Malaysia:

Haha a few years ago, my sister and cousins got trapped in the skybridge (for about an hour?)!


Father’s Day Card!
June 15, 2008

Today is father’s day! Here’s a card I made for my daddy. The quality of the photo is awful because I used my phone.

I’ve never really done 3-D cards like this so I hope my dad likes it. (: The gift box was the simplest to make; I constructed a cardboard cube and wrapped as I normally would for any regular box. The cake was slightly more difficult, so I didn’t dare include more candles. I’ll definitely try attempting such a card in the future, which will hopefully look much better ((:

And here are some photos of AEPers in the art room doing our coursework/ taking a break.

This is Zheng Yan [or is it Cheng Yan] ! Here’s a closer look at what she’s doing…

Yer she’s sawing a book! I have no idea why though, except that it has something to do with her coursework. I must say that the book looks fairly expensive… BUT anyway it was a cool moment to witness because she sawed with great ferocity!!! REALLY!!!

This is WUJJ dearest. I interrupted her while she was painting her dotty aboriginal artwork!

Here are 3 goofies pretty girls: Swan, me and Zhou! HAHA

Old pages
June 1, 2008

Favourite doodles from my diary!

These butterflies were copied off Leny’s old waterbottle. I think the trail of dots behind the butterflies are quite disgusting.  By the way, Leny has lost the bottle ):

What was supposed to be a chrysanthemum flower became a bundle of worms.

Two big nosed men. Totally copied from seacreative. This artist left a HUGE impression on me and I still like his style because it’s so unique.

Weird robot doodle. I got the idea from Alex Noriega I think.

And lastly, the big house from the cartoon show: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. That show is the coolest and funniest cartoon EVER! (: