Grad Mag

During the holidays, I was asked to do the graduation magazine pages for NY PSL, my class and an image for the Chinese department. It was a painful and stressful experience!

Here’s the one Hsinfang and I did for NY PSL. The box idea was Hsinfang’s.

I know it’s a bit weird, but we did it within 3+ hours.

And here are the pages done for my class. I rushed through them ):

Here’s the image done for Chinese Department, asked for by my friend. It was drawn rather hastily.—————-

And here we have Jingjing and Samantha! Painting a tree!!! Tree-painting is actually Jingjing’s secret dream occupation. See how excited she is? :D


2 Responses

  1. Jing jing is only excited because i’m painting it for her. Her dream occupation is – bullying tall people. can you hear her evil cackle in the background? calling to all tall people – BEWARE!

    anyway I love the grad mag designs for the PSL! :D
    love the choice of colour! it is so bright, bet it will stand out from all the rest of the entries submitted for the grad mag! simple, clean and nice! :D cute too!

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