AEP Block Test II

[Images taken from Sun Ran]

Describe the subject matter of these paintings. [Seated Model – Liu Kang][Bandung as a Sea of Fire – Hendra Gunawan]

Seated Model by Liu Kang depicts a woman, or as the title suggests, a model, resting on a black chair with natural scenery as the backdrop. The model is topless and is only clothed with a pair of red coloured pants. The composition of the painting is such that she is placed right in the center of the entire painting, which thereby makes her the immediate subject matter to focus on upon viewing the painting.

The model is seemingly seated comfortably as she slouches her body to lean her head on her left arm to relax. Her body faces the artist but she does not look at him. Instead, her eyes are closed. In her hand she holds a small white flower and her hair has a red clip clasped onto it.

It is possible to infer that she is a hired model by the artist, paid to sit for the painting. The exact setting of the painting cannot be concluded. Behind the seated model there is a red brick wall and many plants such as a bush of flowers, grass and some trees.

Bandung as a sea of fire depicts a town on fire, with many of its inhabitants carrying their belongings running away in an attempt to flee from the fire.

In the foreground there lies a man on the ground, with an anguished expression and a chest full of a fiery red substance, possibly blood. Close to him lies another person with a bloody face, sprawling on the ground, beneath rubble and wreckage possibly caused by the fire.

The entire painting shows the plight of the citizens of Bandung, and the main subject matter would be the man lying in the center. His eyes have been rolled upwards, possibly implying that he has passed.


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