Project Love

My sister’s friends organised a CIP project to Neijiang city, located in Sichuan. The entire thing was called Project Love. Here are the designs I did for the front and back of their shirt:

The back of the shirt shows the map of China. The placement of the heart is also roughly indicative of where Neijiang is located.

The map and the Chinese character were drawn out by hand, scanned into the computer and subsequently edited using photoshop.


One Response

  1. Whoo, nice t-shirt designs.
    I like its simplistic and bold look, especially the second picture which has the “爱” and “PROJECT LOVE”. It is really very logo-like. Good use of varying thickness of the lines to make the logo more interesting and variated.
    However, I feel that the heart in the first design is not really that appealing (to me). Maybe you should make it less fatter and slightly more elongated to get a more convincing heart shape. Also, I think you should improve the shadow thingy behind the shape of the map of china. I feel that the shadows are too rounded off at the edges- as in, they don’t really look like they belong/attached to the upper shape. The bottom layer looks like a whole different, separate layer to me. Make the shadow thing less rounded and try to closely follow the countours of the map.

    Get what I mean? I hope you do. :D

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