About Me

I’m Hui Kin, a 20-something year old from Singapore, currently working full-time in the finance industry.

This website was set up in 2008 as part of my secondary school’s art elective programme project and it was meant to be an e-portfolio to showcase my art work for my teachers then.

I have chosen not to delete this space due to the large number of views I still get everyday. Unless otherwise stated, all images here are my personal work and hence wholly owned by me. I am open to the idea of them being used elsewhere but I would greatly appreciate being informed in advance. However, I do not permit usage of my images for commercial purposes.

I’ve also moved to a personal blog here

Do feel free to leave comments!


4 Responses

  1. i think that ur art work is really very cool. keep it up. :)

  2. Please can I use your photo of Another Place in a free newsletter which I edit for the South Dorset Association of the National Trust in UK. I will obviously acknowledge that you hold the copyright.

    Many thanks
    Gareth Gregory

    • Hi Gareth!

      As indicated below the photo, the image was actually taken from http://home.online.no/~pjhaalan/city.html since it’s not my personal artwork! So I do not hold the copyright :) You might want to check with them!

  3. Nice work..
    Do something Great..
    keep it up.. :)

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