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September 14, 2008

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she obsesses over a cartoon character so much, that she decides to Do Something about it.

I think mine was today when I turned my thumbdrive into a domokun…

The original thumbdrive


Domokun is the mascot of Japan’s NHK television station. My love for Domo has nothing to do with the fact that NHK are also my initials (:

I had this plan in mind for a few days. I conceived it during Chemistry lesson while talking to Leny [Who of course advised me against it]

The medium is Nail Varnish on Acrylic paint on Musking Tape on Thumbdrive. I didn’t paint directly onto the thumbdrive because I suspect that a few years down the road, I will think this is very childish.


Birthday card
August 27, 2008

It was my teammate’s birthday yesterday, and will be another one’s tomorrow! Happy 16th to both (:

I made them a card each, with the lines of a netball carved into it.


And yes I know, my cards are very predictable.

Project Love
July 31, 2008

My sister’s friends organised a CIP project to Neijiang city, located in Sichuan. The entire thing was called Project Love. Here are the designs I did for the front and back of their shirt:

The back of the shirt shows the map of China. The placement of the heart is also roughly indicative of where Neijiang is located.

The map and the Chinese character were drawn out by hand, scanned into the computer and subsequently edited using photoshop.

Funfair Banner
July 6, 2008

Nanyang held a funfair recently! Leny, Jingying and I did the banner for our class’ bloons stall – a balloon dart game. We used tempura paint (I think) on a cloth banner.

The purple balloon was not supposed to turn out that way. It looks like that because we accidentally spilled blue ink. But in the end it was okay I suppose.

Grad Mag
July 1, 2008

During the holidays, I was asked to do the graduation magazine pages for NY PSL, my class and an image for the Chinese department. It was a painful and stressful experience!

Here’s the one Hsinfang and I did for NY PSL. The box idea was Hsinfang’s.

I know it’s a bit weird, but we did it within 3+ hours.

And here are the pages done for my class. I rushed through them ):

Here’s the image done for Chinese Department, asked for by my friend. It was drawn rather hastily.—————-

And here we have Jingjing and Samantha! Painting a tree!!! Tree-painting is actually Jingjing’s secret dream occupation. See how excited she is? :D

Father’s Day Card!
June 15, 2008

Today is father’s day! Here’s a card I made for my daddy. The quality of the photo is awful because I used my phone.

I’ve never really done 3-D cards like this so I hope my dad likes it. (: The gift box was the simplest to make; I constructed a cardboard cube and wrapped as I normally would for any regular box. The cake was slightly more difficult, so I didn’t dare include more candles. I’ll definitely try attempting such a card in the future, which will hopefully look much better ((:

And here are some photos of AEPers in the art room doing our coursework/ taking a break.

This is Zheng Yan [or is it Cheng Yan] ! Here’s a closer look at what she’s doing…

Yer she’s sawing a book! I have no idea why though, except that it has something to do with her coursework. I must say that the book looks fairly expensive… BUT anyway it was a cool moment to witness because she sawed with great ferocity!!! REALLY!!!

This is WUJJ dearest. I interrupted her while she was painting her dotty aboriginal artwork!

Here are 3 goofies pretty girls: Swan, me and Zhou! HAHA