AEP essay practice

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  • Describe one of Han Sai Por’s sculpture.

[ Image taken from boonscafe ]

“Spirit of Nature”, 1991

Spirit of nature consists of 3 structures, each made from granite. The structures are curvy and seemingly resemble the trunk of an elephant or a wave. The shape of each structure is organic, giving the entire figure a sinuous and flowing form.

All the figures in the sculpture are of the same colour and texture. They are a stony grey with faint black dots and are generally smooth to touch.

One of the structures is positioned such that it lies horizontally on the ground while the other two are placed vertically, seemingly stretching outwards towards the sky.

Each of the structures seems to represent a tube, with the base attached to the ground rather enlarged. The visible end of the tube has a dent in it, like the snout of an elephant trunk.


  • Describe one of Antony Gormley’s installation, in relation to the concept of Land Art.

[ Image taken from Newcastle Website ]

[ Image taken from Wikipedia ]

Angel of the North, 1998

One notable installation of Antony Gormley is Angel of North, located on an open field in Gateshead, UK.

It is a 20 meter tall structure of a man who has two wing-like structures attached to the sides of its torso, in replacement of the arms. The structure weighs 200,000 kilograms, with the body weighing 100,000 kg and the wings at 50,000 kg each. The entire piece was made from Cor-ten steel and cost £800,000 to construct.

The structure is of a dark bronze colour, possibly due to its permanent exposure to sunlight and precipitation. The form of the structure is very solid and the two plane structures attached by the side are generally straight and thick. Their position, as well as the title of the art piece, suggests that they are intended to be wings. However, unlike conventional angels depicted in biblical paintings, the wings of this sculpture are straight and rectangular, bearing semblance to the wings of an aircraft instead.

The entire surface of the structure is covered by thick lines of steel that are concentrated mostly on the body, eventually spreading out more neatly on the wings. The man in the figure stands with his body upright, his back straight and legs together.

The installation is representative of the concept of land art; it is placed on an open space to imply that the landscape surrounding the creation is to be considered as part of the sculpture as well. Another of Gormley’s sculpture, titled Another Place, expresses this concept as well.

[ Image taken from The Stavanger region ]

Another Place, 1997

Another Place consists of 100 cast iron figures which face out to sea. They are distributed over about 3 km of beach. Each figure is about 1.9 in height and weighs around 650kg.

Another Place can be considered land art because the figures are seemingly a part of the ocean. They are embedded in the sand on the shore, and are revealed and submerged by the sea depending on the tide. In this sense, they appear to be continuous with the land beneath them, and are a part of their surroundings.

Another Place has been exhibited in Germany, Norway and Belgium.


Funfair Banner

July 6, 2008 - 2 Responses

Nanyang held a funfair recently! Leny, Jingying and I did the banner for our class’ bloons stall – a balloon dart game. We used tempura paint (I think) on a cloth banner.

The purple balloon was not supposed to turn out that way. It looks like that because we accidentally spilled blue ink. But in the end it was okay I suppose.

Grad Mag

July 1, 2008 - 2 Responses

During the holidays, I was asked to do the graduation magazine pages for NY PSL, my class and an image for the Chinese department. It was a painful and stressful experience!

Here’s the one Hsinfang and I did for NY PSL. The box idea was Hsinfang’s.

I know it’s a bit weird, but we did it within 3+ hours.

And here are the pages done for my class. I rushed through them ):

Here’s the image done for Chinese Department, asked for by my friend. It was drawn rather hastily.—————-

And here we have Jingjing and Samantha! Painting a tree!!! Tree-painting is actually Jingjing’s secret dream occupation. See how excited she is? :D


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Some photos from Beijing trip:

Astronomical observatory. This place didn’t change much. Even the frog dustbins were still there.

798 Art District. I like this painting a lot! Superman saves the day in a 山水画!

Forbidden City

Tiananmen Square

Nice grass = happy JingYing

Here’s the Petronas Towers in KL, Malaysia:

Haha a few years ago, my sister and cousins got trapped in the skybridge (for about an hour?)!

Father’s Day Card!

June 15, 2008 - One Response

Today is father’s day! Here’s a card I made for my daddy. The quality of the photo is awful because I used my phone.

I’ve never really done 3-D cards like this so I hope my dad likes it. (: The gift box was the simplest to make; I constructed a cardboard cube and wrapped as I normally would for any regular box. The cake was slightly more difficult, so I didn’t dare include more candles. I’ll definitely try attempting such a card in the future, which will hopefully look much better ((:

And here are some photos of AEPers in the art room doing our coursework/ taking a break.

This is Zheng Yan [or is it Cheng Yan] ! Here’s a closer look at what she’s doing…

Yer she’s sawing a book! I have no idea why though, except that it has something to do with her coursework. I must say that the book looks fairly expensive… BUT anyway it was a cool moment to witness because she sawed with great ferocity!!! REALLY!!!

This is WUJJ dearest. I interrupted her while she was painting her dotty aboriginal artwork!

Here are 3 goofies pretty girls: Swan, me and Zhou! HAHA

Old pages

June 1, 2008 - 6 Responses

Favourite doodles from my diary!

These butterflies were copied off Leny’s old waterbottle. I think the trail of dots behind the butterflies are quite disgusting.  By the way, Leny has lost the bottle ):

What was supposed to be a chrysanthemum flower became a bundle of worms.

Two big nosed men. Totally copied from seacreative. This artist left a HUGE impression on me and I still like his style because it’s so unique.

Weird robot doodle. I got the idea from Alex Noriega I think.

And lastly, the big house from the cartoon show: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. That show is the coolest and funniest cartoon EVER! (: