Lizard and bones
September 2, 2008

Here are two drawings done a while back. Medium is 2B pencil on drawing block : (Wait a while for image to load)

Rib cage! With the pelvic bone attached. It was pretty rushed. And it is slanted in a very wrong way.

Lizard eating a praying mantid… The scales on the lizard’s body drove me absolutely crazy!

[EDIT: I added an ugly water mark to my ribcage drawing because it’s been used too many times without my permission. If you so require the original file please contact me directly thanks ;) ]


August 3, 2008

I hardly ever draw people because I am really really really bad at it. Here is Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa. I know! She’s slightly cross-eyed!!! ):

[EDIT] OK to clarify, my mommy helped me with this (: I did most of the shading and the basic shapes while she helped me with overall proportions.